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Jan 6, 2019

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Jan 31, 2019

„Alles ist Klang- Die andere ART zu reisen“

First edition release date, e-book, German language


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Mar 1, 2019

 „Alles ist Klang, - Die andere ART zu reisen“ release date paperback edition, German language




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Sound and Me: Fly with your Spirit


We humans have always been able to fly with our spirit. In our minds we can instantaneously leap from one place to another. Yet not until the invention of corresponding software has the thinking human found the actual ability to overcome the boundaries of space and time without physically moving his body. 

The protagonist of the novel, who calls himself PiTTo, undergoes a painful learning process in which he befriends the sound which one night suddenly and out of nowhere overwhelms him. When he realizes that he can no longer escape it, he gives it the name, SAM. From then on the two of them, PiTTo and SAM, find themselves inseparable as they journey together. They act synchronously, and SAM initially gives PiTTo a new insight into the world of colors. From then on every painting that the artist, PiTTo, creates, is simultaneously a sound tapestry, accessible only to him and SAM. When finally painter and painting meld together, PiTTo and SAM embark on a trip which leads them around the world.

 PiTTo calls this kind of traveling with the spirit “Mind Traveling.”

His means of transportation is sound. The ability of our ears to orient us in time and space, underestimated due to the dominance of sight, aids him in this method of travel. The protagonist uses an actual app, called 4’33”. The app’s indications of place, time, and especially sound provide the framework for these fantasy excursions.



Peter Berg is an author with a keen interest in sound. By deep listening to the soundscapes of 4’33", his imagination creates wondrous pictures and sceneries which he weaves together into well-written narratives. It is a real pleasure following him on his sound travels round the globe! (Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Essl, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Institute for Composition and Electroacoustics)


Asked once to put his philosophy in a nutshell,
John Cage replied:

“Get yourself out of whatever cage you find yourself in.”
His playfulness is fully revealed here as well as his wisdom. I think this book would please him as showing us another way out of our cages!

The author has furthermore captured the essence of Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening as he travels the world exploring its wildly varying sonic environments through the marvelous Cage-inspired 4’33” app. His stories of encounters with the people who have made the recordings are rich in imaginative detail and provocative in their inviting the reader to join him in listening and thinking about our intricate interconnections with all life.

(Prof. Norman Lowrey, Professor Emeritus of Music, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey)


  • Sound and Me - Fly with your Spirit  (English Edition, paperback)
  • Sound and Me - Fly with your Spirit  (English Edition, Kindle ebook)
  • Alles ist Klang - Die andere  Art zu reisen (German Edition, paperback)
  • Alles ist Klang - Die andere  Art zu reisen (German edition, KIndle ebook)



Alles ist Klang - Die andere ART zu reisen


Nach dem Erfolg in Amerika nun auch auf Deutsch! 


PETER BERG führt den Leser in seinem ungewöhnlichen Roman auf eine fantastische Weltreise durch Raum und Zeit. 

Mit den Ohren lauschend dem Ton zu folgen, den unser Planet auf seiner Bahn um die Sonne hinterlässt, das ist die Vision des Malers PiTTo, die ihn umtreibt, seit ihn eines Nachts ein lauter, hoher Dauerton, man nennt dies TINNITUS,  überfällt. Die STILLE ist ihm abhanden gekommen.  Als er dem amerikanischen Komponisten John Cage begegnet, beginnt er, die Welt der MUSIK anders wahrzunehmen.


Mit Hilfe der App 4'33'' auf seinem iPhone lernt PiTTo fortan das körperlose Reisen auf dem Klang. Das eröffnet ihm den Zugang zu einem tönenden Universum. Dabei begegnen ihm einige besondere Menschen, die allesamt ihren eigenen Zugang zur MUSIK, zum REISEN und zur ZEIT entwickelt haben. Werden sie ihm helfen, die verlorene STILLE wieder zu finden?


In Zeiten weltweit expandierender Tourismusindustrie mit all ihren Folgen für Ökologie und Umwelt ist die Gegenbewegung nach innen längst überfällig. Peter Berg beschreibt in seinem Roman das Reisen auf dem Klang. Seine Weltreise führt ihn durch Raum und Zeit.






“Each moment we experience exists forever and everything

including our spirit is simultaneously and eternally present!“